Describing Bánk in short is a really difficult task, because the locals think life there is very good. Furthermore, in their opinion two kinds of people exist, those who live in Bánk, and those who woul like to live there. If you visit our village and keep the speed limit (40km/h) you can see the locals waving, smiling, and enjoying life in Bánk.

Bánk has a lake, like many surrounding towns, but unlike those, this lake has always been there.
According to a written record regarding the lake from 1820, ’’There is a remarkably beautiful lake near the village, which is called ’The eye of the sea’ by the locals. The inhabitants of that time believed this lake had an underground connection to the sea, because its exact depth has never been measured, and it never flooded, not even during heavy rains, nor has it dried during droughts. The tarn, wieved from above, seems like a beautiful jewel at the entrance of Cserhát. Winters are usually really cold, perfect for ice skating or sitting by the stove. During the very hot summers, we dive in the cool lake. Bánk is mainly about relaxing, and it’s mainly built for that purpose.
The town has pensions, a wellness hotel, village lodging, and a good pub. Our village has three major sights: the slovakian house, the Lutheran church, and the mayor’s bycicle.
The symbols of our town are a swimsuit, slippers, a towel around a shoulder, roasted delicacies, a good meal cooked in cauldron, and the hiss of an opening beer can.
Welcome to Bánk, welcome home!

Medical duty in Rétság:
József Attila utca 13, Rétság
Monday-Friday and workdays:  16.00-8.00
Saturday-Sunday and holidays: 0.00-24.00
Tel: +36 35 350 561
Special medical services: Laktanya utca 5. Rétság.
Emergency in Rétság: +36 35 350 839
Rákóczi út 125-127.   Balassagyarmat, H-2660.  Tel: +36 35 505 000
Argentini Döme tér 1-3. Vác, H-2600. Tel: +36 27 620 620
Rákóczi út 8-10. Rétság, Tel: +36 35 350 144,  +36 35 350 355,
107 (from local telephone)
Fire department: 105 (from local telephone)
Medical emergency: 104 (from local telephone)
Common emergency call: 112

Food stores and  restaurants in Bánk

 ”ABC” Grocery

Petőfi út 53. Bánk
Monday-Friday 6.30-17.00
Saturday: 6.30-13.00
Sunday: 6.30-10.00
”ASA Bt.” Grocery
Petőfi út 53. Bánk
Monday: closed
Tuesday-Friday: 6.00-11.00, 14.00-17.00
Saturday: 6.00-12.00
Sunday: 6.00-11.00
Grocery shop
Kazinczy utca 59. Bánk
Monday-Saturday: 6.00-10.00 15.00-19.00
Sunday: 8.00-12.00
”Bárka” Pub
Petőfi út 59. Bánk
Monday- Thursday: closed
Friday-Saturday: 18.00-01.00
Sunday: closed

Restaurant ”Tó Hotel”
Petőfi út 73. Bánk
every day: 12.00-22.00
”Bowling Pizza”
Petőfi út 59. Bánk
Monday- Thursday: 12.00-21.00
Friday-Saturday: 12.00-24.00
Sunday: 12.00-21.00
Snack Bar ”Harcsa”
Petőfi út 53. Bánk
Monday: closed
Tuesday-Friday: 9.00-19.00
Saturday: 8.00-20.00
Sunday: 8.00-19.00

”Harcsa” Pub (WiFi)
Petőfi út 53. Bánk
Monday- Thursday: 6.00-22.00
Friday-Saturday: 6.00-01.00
Sunday: 6.00-23.00
Snack Bar ”Strand”
Petőfi út 61. Bánk
every day: 6.00-22.00
Restaurant ”Tengerszem”
Petőfi út 25. Bánk
every day: 7.00-22.00
Buffet ”Tóparti Büfé”
Tóparti sétány 1. Bánk
Monday-Tuesday: closed
Wednesday -Sunday: 14.00-18.00


Tó Hotel és Étterem  *** 

Featured Sponsor

Bánk 2653, Bánk, Petőfi u.73. 
telefon:  +36 35-342-035
+36 35-342-309, 
+36 30-515-4440
fax: 35-342-309 

Apartman -
Janecskó András

2653 Bánk, Tó u. 10.
Tel.: +36 30-23-27-459

Bánkgyöngye Panzió 
Bánk 2653, Bánk,
Hősök tere 5. 
telefonszám:+36 35-342-117,
+36 1-306-1037
fax:+36 1-271-0402 

Budai János
magán szálláshely

2653 Bánk, Benczúr utca 1. Telefon: +36 35-342-003

Bánki Vadászház
Bánk, Petényi út 4. 
Lakatos Lászlóné
Telefon:+36-20-489-8119, +36-20-771-6810

Iványi Vendégház
2653 Bánk, Petőfi út 42.
Telefon: +36 20 9420 896 

Nádas Kemping
2653 Bánk, Petőfi út 85. 

Tavi Fészek Fogadó
Cím: Bánk Petőfi S. u. 53.
06-30/231-0494, 06-35/342-337

Tengerszem Fogadó
Bánk 2653, Bánk,Petőfi u. 25. 
telefon:  +36 35-342-159
fax: +36 35-342-159 

Turányi Andrásné

2653 Bánk, Petőfi út 23.
Telefon:+36 35-342-391

Partos Gáborné

2653 Bánk, Juhász Gy. u. 48.
Telefon:+36 20-626-09-33

Cédrus Club Hotel
2660 Balassagyarmat Luther utca 2.
Telefon: +36/20 211 9360
                +36/30 370 9089

Pitypang Vendégház
Oborzil Éva

Telefon: +36/30/6209412